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Meeting Details


Thursday, June 6, 2024


2:30 PM

HCAOG - 611 I Street, Suite B, Eureka, CA 95501

1.   Call to Order/Roll Call

2.   Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items

This agenda item is reserved for matters that are not on the agenda that may be presented by the public.

3.   Presentations

3a. Caltrans Public Engagement Portal

Megan Brunner, Caltrans District 1 Public Engagement Coordinator, will introduce the new Public Engagement Portal. 

4.   Consent Calendar 

The TAC will consider approving the following item(s) considered to be routine, with a single motion. Item(s) may be removed from the Consent Calendar and, if removed, will be heard separately.

4a. Approval of Meeting Records (encl) 

4b. FY 2023-24 Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) Policy and Allocations (encl)

The TAC will recommend that the HCAOG Board approve the FY 2023-24 RSTP Policy and Allocations.

4c. TAC Advisory Membership (encl)

The TAC will vote to move Fortuna Transit from a voting role to an advisory role.

5.   Items Removed from the Consent Calendar

This agenda item is reserved for items that may be removed from the consent calendar.

6.   Action Items

6a. Transportation Development Act Article 3, Bicycle and Pedestrian 2% Allocation Requests

The TAC will review funding requests and consider making a recommendation to the HCAOG Board.

7.   Discussion Items

7a. Draft methodology for the Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) assessment for local streets and roads 

Colin Fiske of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities will present draft proposed methodology for the LTS assessment. The TAC will discuss the proposed methodology.

7b. Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant Update

Associate Regional Planner Stevie Luther will provide an update on the Safe Streets and Roads for All project.

8.   HCAOG Executive Director and Staff Reports

This item is reserved for matters that the Executive Director or staff may wish to report on.        

9.   TAC Member Reports

This item is reserved for matters that committee members may wish to report on.

Supplemental Material: Caltrans Milestone report