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The purpose of the Humboldt Bay Trail Fund is to provide financial support for the maintenance and creation of multi-purpose trails (bikepaths) around Humboldt Bay for walking, running, biking, and wheeling.

The seven-member Humboldt Bay Trail Fund Committee is comprised of four community members at large, representing trails stakeholders from abroad spectrum of the community, and three public agency representatives from the City of Arcata, City of Eureka, and the Humboldt County Public Works Department.  One of the four at-large members will be a representative from the Humboldt Trails Council.  HCAOG staff act as the committee administrators but HCAOG is not a voting meber.

Committee Members

County of Humboldt

Hank Seemann

Community Member

Rees Hughes

Community Member

Roger James

Community Member

Dennis Rael

City of Arcata

Emily Sinkhorn

Humboldt Trails Council

Karen Underwood

City of Eureka

Donna Wood

Upcoming Meetings

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