Safe Routes to School - What's Happening in Humboldt


Safe Routes to School (SR2S) is a nationwide movement to make it safer for children to walk and bicycle to school.  SR2S promotes walking and bicycling to school through targeted education, encouragement, enforcement, and engineering projects. SR2S programs are alive and active in Humboldt County.

SR2S tools help solve infrastructure and safety barriers that keep kids from walking and biking to school. SR2S programs create safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for children to walk, bike, roll, and bus to and from school.

People active in the SR2S movement include kids, school teachers and staff, parents, neighbors, city planners, engineers, law enforcement, crossing guards, bus drivers, and bicyclists, as well as local, state, and national governments.

In Humboldt County and around the globe, schools, organizations, and local government bodies are implementing and encouraging SR2S programs.  

Some of Safe Routes to School's benefits:

  • Reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles
  • Improves students' health and their sense of their surroundings
  • Builds working relationships and friendships in the community
  • Promotes and builds active lifestyles and livable communities for everyone

UPCOMING EVENTS: International Walk to School Day - October 5

Students from Humboldt County will be joining youth from around the world as they walk and roll to school for fun and fitness. If students live too far to walk the entire distance, schools can round up volunteers and designate a remote drop-off location where students can be dropped off and walk the rest of the way to school with adult chaperones. Remote Drop-off locations in Eureka are:

Winco - Meet at 7:25 a.m. to walk to Alice Birney Elementary School

Safeway - Meet at 7:30 a.m. to walk to Washington Elementary School

Sacred Heart Church (Edgewood & Myrtle) - Meet at 7:30 a.m. to walk to Lafayette Elementary School

Grant Elementary will be celebrating International Walk to School Day on Tuesday, October 4th and will be meeting at Joann Fabrics at 7:30 a.m. to walk to Grant.

For more information on planning an event at your school, please visit

SR2S TASK FORCES - Meetings of the Countywide SR2S Task Force and the Greater Eureka SR2S Task Force.

MONTHLY SR2S NEWSLETTER - May 2016  June 2016  September 2016

LOCAL DATA - View parent survey results, walkability assessment results, and other reports from schools in Humboldt County. 

Local Walking Maps - School Walking Maps / Mapas de Paseos a las Escuelas Walk to school!  Walking maps and arrival/dismissal maps (mapas de carga y descarga de estudiantes).



Links to SR2S Advocates & Resources from local to international levels


In 1969, 50% of school children in the United States walked to school (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Today in Humboldt County, 20% of school children walk or bike to school.