Technical Advisory Committee

The Committee is comprised of technical staff representatives of the Cities, County, Caltrans, California Highway Patrol, and six Native American Tribes. The Committee’s primary duties are to: (a) prepare and maintain the Regional Transportation Plan and be advisory to the Policy Advisory Committee, (b) to provide advice and recommendations to the Policy Advisory Committee on the effects of the Regional Transportation Plan on the plans of the member governments, and (c) to provide assistance, advice and recommendations to the Policy Advisory Committee to facilitate the comprehensive, coordinated transportation planning process. Regularly scheduled TAC meetings are held on first Thursday of each month.

2018 TAC Meeting Schedule


Committee Members

Merritt Perry - Chair
City of Fortuna
Jesse Willor - Vice Chair
City of Eureka
David Caisse
City of Rio Dell
Kevin Carter
City of Fortuna (Transit Seat)
Doby Class
Arcata & Mad River Transit System
Mike Foget
City of Blue Lake
Wendell Freeman
Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria
Mike Hostler
Hoopa Valley Tribe
Jacque Hostler-Carmesin
Trinidad Rancheria
Anita Huff
Blue Lake Rancheria
Netra Khatri
City of Arcata
Javier Kinney
Yurok Tribe
Tom Mattson
County of Humboldt
Greg Pratt
Humbodt Transit Authority
CHP Representative
California Highway Patrol
Misty Rickwalt
Karuk Tribe
Jesse Robertson
Caltrans District 1
Praj White
City of Ferndale
Josh Wolf
City of Trinidad

Meeting Agendas & Meeting Records*

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